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Who am I

I work full for SI/Raytheon as a Vulnerability Researcher and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor's in computer science. I enjoy playing Dota2 when I have free time.

  • Handles: Kettle, KettleOfKetchup, MemeLord

I have fun coding and breaking stuff. This site is my playground and therefor never guaranteed to be live or in a professional state.


I currently work Raytheon SI as a vulnerability Researcher

Software Development

I have 3 years interning as a software developer, working in Java (android apps), creating Neat-O & Cool JavaScript web pages, C and C++ wicked applications, & some really fun python applications like vulnerability fuzzers and this super neat [Prank Calling Python Bot. My owk

Security Experience

Worked at Raytheon's Si Government Solutions as a vulnerability researcher, doing some cool* hypervisor reverse engineering

  • Helped create a python fuzzer
  • Kernel driver to interact with the hypervisor
  • And lots of hours staring into the depths of IDA

- Worked for a year doing vulnerability research on Routers including hardware and protocol reversing

Side Projects

Check out my Github for alot of my projects. The ones I talk about here are only about memez.

I enjoy creating applications that entertain me through Trolling, preferably with as much automation as possible.

  • Press ` and type memes into the terminal.
  • Check out my Prank Calling Python Bot that I have running on this server
    • Prank calls daily with zero interaction from me!
      • Only interaction is to add telemarketers to the prank call list

Contact Me

If you don't like my professional website, feel free to email me.

  • Sorry if you clicked that email link, if you want to contact me, you can contact me at mdpaxson1 at knights dot ucf dot edu
  • Public Key for encrypting emails to me

You can find my resume in the terminal but it's not guaranteed to be up to date.

Press ` to check out my sick terminal!